Spa Noir Rebrand

Branding, logo design, layout, packaging, environmental graphics.

Motion by Brit Van Guilder

Spa Noir Rebrand

12 weeks
Brit Van Guilder
Seattle Central Creative Academy (school project).
Branding, logo design, layout, packaging, environmental graphics.

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator.

Spa Noir is day spa located in bustling Belltown, not far from the city's downtown core. The company employs estheticians, massage therapists and nail technicians. This woman owned business has a long history of being socially inclined, giving back to the community through donating portions of their proceeds to issues of social justice.

They are invested in the community of Belltown, often voicing their support of the other small businesses in their area.

Key differentiator.
Spa Noir is set apart from their competition by offering alternative services like CBD treatments, and by providing genuine and specialized customer service and care.
Problem. Spa Noir is a perfect balance of offering services that are alternative and ground breaking while still staffing trained professionals that are certified and highly knowledgeable. With a higher price point, the challenge appears in creating a brand that reflects the level of refinement and expertise while not losing the edge that makes them special. How might we design a brand that instills confidence in the price point while still embracing the personality of the company?

Solution.Developing a brand that speaks to the community minded, alternative, and self caring customer base. Fortifying that by designing a suite and brand guide of useful and applicable assets that allow the brand to express this identity in a consistent and practical way.


1. Research
2. Distillation
3. Visual Design


We started with an analysis of Spa Noir. Where were they located? What was their history? What do they stand for? Who were their customers? Competitors? What made them stand out from other spas? This research allowed us to understand who we were designing for, and the needs of the company. We weren’t designing the Spa in our own vision, but rather adapted the preexisting identity of Spa Noir.

The location of Spa Noir is Belltown - close enough to downtown to bring tourists while being in the core of the Seattle community and local/residential areas. They put on events that welcome in alternative communities and give platforms to local artists.

Spa Noir is vocal about social issues and backs that up with their long history, founded by a Seattle native and existing in Belltown for over 16 years. They’re genuine and established, both in their message and their client base.

A peek into their reviews and word of mouth reputation reveals a network of loyal customers. This is a factor that sets them apart from their competition. They’re warm, caring, and genuine. You can expect to receive service that is tailored to your specific needs, and that they’re not just ushering you through the door for a buck.


This, combined with the previously mentioned alternative treatments that set them apart, was the core character of the brand: warm, artisan, and alternative.
Next, we collected a wide series of images - people, places, cars, textures, classic images, anything that would help us distinguish what the brand was from what the brand wasn’t.
Putting it on a spectrum of “we are” vs. “we aren’t”, we collected common themes and patterns from both. 


Warm speaks to the physical and emotional experience they’ve built for their customers. If you entered the space you would feel warm and invited. It represents what they offer in terms of customer service and the physical environment of the building and spa.

Artisan references what they offer in terms of goods and services. Their products are local, natural, and crafted with care. The same goes for each treatment. Spa Noir’s staff are knowledgeable, trained, and treat each client with mindful care.

Finally, alternative stands for their attitude in the community and their determination responsibly even if it goes against common culture.

From there, we began sketching logos and laying out word marks. While we explored many traditional word marks, representing an elegant typeface on it’s own began to feel too stuffy and like it belonged on the front of a hotel. 

After three rounds of iterations and feedback from mentors and peers, we established the final logo: a welcoming window with a sense of depth that invites onlookers to enter.

We went on to design a suite of assets, print material, social media content, and environmental graphics, building these into a brand guidebook. Every item was checked to make sure it aligned with the brand’s core attributes, and explained clearly throughout the guidebook to make transfer across platforms easy for any level of design expertise. 

Warm, artisan and alternative. Spa Noir offers health and beauty treatments
that consider the well being of the customer, community and environment.
Through authenticity and focusing on the integrity of our products, we
create an environment of relaxation, acceptance, encouragement, and self love.





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socially driven

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