Green Lake Wayfinding

Icon design, UX, wayfinding, illustration, environmental graphics.

6 weeks.

Seattle Central Creative Academy (school project).
Icon design, UX, wayfinding, illustration, environmental graphics.
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator.

The main problems at Green Lake park are unclear or confusing wayfinding and several basic needs that are being missed. As far as wayfinding, the Greenlake map sign is confusing with no indication of where the visitor is standing in relation to the map. Mapping letter and numbers to locations is time consuming and makes it difficult to reference other locations once you’ve found your own location. The icon suites used across the park don’t work well because of their irregular size, one icon typically outweights the other and throws off the heirarchy. The issues in heirarchy also cross into the signs (such as the history sign and park rules).
Solution. The design solution is to maximize the effectiveness of the signs through heirarchy and placing the signs within sight lines. In addition, creating districts/zones that each contain an art installation that serves as a wayfinding beacon and solution to a basic need not being met at the park.  


Based on research from interviews and observations taken from site visits, establishing 4 zones with 4 distinct momuments would allow for meeting spots and reference points for wayfinding.


Orca Whale Fountain

The first basic need is thirst, a huge amount of people visiting Greenlake are exercising (running, walking, biking, rollerblading, ect). There are one or two water fountains, but they are scarcely maintained and far and few inbetween. My first art installation is a set of fun and accessible water drinking fountains - the largest of which serves as a landmark and corresponds with the color of the zone.


Great Horned Owl Kiosk

The second zone is dedicated to education and entertainment. While there is information about the history of the park, it’s not gathered in one centralized location. This installation features interactive screens that can be updated with local events and convey information in different languages.


Gray Wolf Concessions

The third need that isn’t met is food. While there is technically a concession stand, it’s usually closed, and when it is open, offers unappealing food. This public art installation creates a hub for local food trucks to park and create an eating area where tourists and visitors can get an authentic taste of Seattle. There would be four spots for trucks to park, with a statue marking the center as a beacon/wayfinding tool


Western red cedar covered rest area

The fourth is a meeting place. Many sports teams and bbqs take place at Greenlake, but the only picnic tables are on a sloped, uncovered area on top of grass. For someone with limited mobility or those using wheelchairs would struggle to reach and participate in the events, and it being uncovered means it isn’t suited for all weather conditions.
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