Glass Animals Collection

Double album and gig poster design.
6 weeks.
Client. Seattle Central Creative Academy (school project).
Layout, branding, illustration, hand lettering, typography, production.
Adobe photoshop, Adobe Indesign, pen & ink.
The timeframe for this project was six weeks: five assigned to concepting and creating artwork/typography, and the last week allocated to printing and assembling a final copy. For this project, I represented the lush environment I experience when listening to the band Glass Animals. The album "Zaba"  is influenced by "obscure tropical percussion and jungle timbres". The outside spread references a girl lost in the lush jungle, tucked beneath layers of leaves and fauna.
Sound and music have the ability to bring back memories hidden in the dustiest corners of our minds. How might visual design communicate something as powerful as the memories and images you’d experience when listening to a favorite track?

My process began with collecting elements. In order to make the page feel balanced and cohesive, I worked by first sketching on paper, scanning and coloring in photoshop, and then arranged into a final document. By sketching the lines with traditional pen and ink, I infused the project with a natural, touched tone. Additionally, this gave me the opportunity to adjust colors and create a sense of haze and depth with Adobe Photoshop layers. As I moved into type, it was important to fit the text within the illustrations in a way that didn't take away from the composition. To do accomplish this, I hand lettered the track information, curving it to fit the organic shape of the UFO's beam. For the front of the album, I masked out the shape of the text to it appear cut out.

After completing the illustrations and laying out the type, I placed each section into a die-line and printed on oversized paper. Before folding, I measured and scored so the paper would maintain integrity. It was important to uphold quality so the attention to detail wouldn't be lost to the construction of the album. This project reinforced my appreciation of planning and foresight. While each element didn't achieve much individually, when placed together they created a final product that represented the target audience.


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