Florence + the Machine

Gig poster + album cover

6 weeks.
Client. Seattle Central Creative Academy (school project).

Layout, branding, illustration, hand lettering, typography, production.
Tools. Adobe photoshop, Adobe indesign, pen & ink.

Assigned a musical artist, I was given 1 week to complete a gig poster for a fictional upcoming tour date. The poster was required to contain information such as name, date, and visuals that provided a fresh take on a well loved artist.
I later returned to the poster to expand the collection to a matching album design.
While Florence + the Machine is well known for their folk inspired melodies and soft bohemian brand, a closer listen of their work reveals a darker and moodier set of lyrics that has room to be presented in their collateral.
Using a dark, emotional illustration style that speaks directly to the audience that finds comfort and empathy in the moody lyrics.


1. Research  
2. Sketching
3. Production


Before jumping into creating the final process, I followed a series of steps to generate the best solution to the problem. First, I began by listening to a handful of the band’s songs, gathering a mind map of sights, smells, feelings, foods, animals, and anything that I experienced diving into the tracks. The music made me feel comforted yet sad and nostalgic. I imagined being developed in warm light at the end of a long day, or a still moment at dusk sitting in the grass with birds flying overhead.

I selected a few tracks at random, dissecting the lyrics for repeating imagery and themes. Based on my mind map and the song lyrics, I gathered a series of moodboards for mood, execution, and typography. Once I was able to capture my unbiased take on the band, I collected research on their past material and history. Combined with my earlier moodboard, I was able to detect territories of their music that had an opportunity to be expressed via collateral.


With a library of possible elements on hand, I began generating quick thumbnail sketches focusing on overall composition before any details.

While I considered leaving out a human figure, I ultimately decided that Florence Welch’s likeness is a staple for the band, and many of the tracks reflect a story from her perspective. I marked her as the centerpiece, representing the sadness and intensity she exudes in her music.


Florence + the Machine’s music is also filled with movement- it’s impossible to not imagine a sensation of floating and flying. With that, I illustrated a series of running dogs, capturing the light and active melodies. Each illustration was drawn by hand and imported into a photoshop composition.

The folk influence of Florence + the Machine lends itself to organic, vintage, nostalgic, and faded color tones. I pulled hues from renaissance paintings, dried flowers, and antique furniture - avoiding stark black and white and using muted yellows and soft blues instead. The pivot for this piece was within the color scheme and creating contrast. While the muted tones made for a cohesive color scheme, there were issues with pieces blending in with one another. My solution to this was applying a saturated orange to the figures hair, drawing attention to the centerpiece.

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