Capitol Hill Block Party

5 weeks. 

Client. Seattle Central Creative Academy (school project).
Layout, illustration, hand lettering.

Adobe Photoshop, pen & ink.
Capitol Hill block party is a staple for Seattle locals and a refreshing new experience for tourists. With deep ties to homegrown artists across a wide range of genres, the annual music festival could use a brand refresh that matches the bright and expressive artists they provide.

Challenge. While Capitol Hill Block Party has shown beautiful branding over the past few years, there are opportunities to speak more directly to the intended audience.

How might we embrace the essence of the CHBP brand while exploring new styles to delight and surprise a mid twenties audience?

Utilizing bright, punchy colors and bold graphics that align with popular culture appealing to the target audience. 


Once I had thoroughly researched and established the problem statement and objective, I began translating this into a mood board. This allowed me to specify how the energetic, playful, and contemporary characteristics would appear across the suite. When I picture Capitol Hill Block Party, I picture the movement and energy in the air. Crowds are overflowing with bouncing energy, amps buzz, and the artists flood the block with music. The characters and objects in this suite are all floating, a reference to that same buzz and energy.

This project required a simple, bold illustration style. To achieve this, I sketched two iterations of a series of characters and objects, being diligent about line weight consistency throughout this process. Next, I took them into photoshop, refining the lines and applying the color scheme. I took into consideration the balance of color within each composition, and utilized blue lines to not overwhelm the typography.
Initial sketch. Quick proof of concept.
Lays out idea of illustrations interacting with the typography, first color explorations.

First interation. Higher fidelity, expansion
of illustration assets, experimentation with hand lettering. 
Second interation. Refining the visual style, testing framing options for primary text. 
Final poster. Redrawing and refining illustrations, softening color scheme.
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